25 rue Marcel Issartier, AEROPARC
33700 Mérignac

NetCarbon's mission is to provide a response to the challenge of climate change.

To do this, two levers must be activated in parallel:
- Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions
- Increase carbon sequestration (storage of carbon in the soil through photosynthesis)

NetCarbon aims to act on the second lever, carbon sequestration. To do this, we are developing a solution for measuring and improving the value of carbon storage in agricultural and viticultural areas.

To obtain a solution for measuring carbon storage accurately and on a large scale, we combine three technological assets
- Satellite data to monitor the evolution of vegetation and soils
- Artificial Intelligence algorithms to identify the most suitable storage practices to be implemented to optimise carbon storage (hedges, trees, grassing etc.)
- CO2 measurement algorithms based on field measurements and developed in partnership with INRAE and CESBIO to guarantee the reliability of our measurements.

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