What's the Inno'vin Label ?

100 % of the accredited projects have been funded

Inno'vin gives regularly labels to projects in order to access to some specific subsidies ; it alllows indeed to give more credibility in the eyes of potential regional and national funders. Accreditation ain't systematic though, it depends on the type of project.


Label Criterias

  • the promoter must be a company settled in New Aquitaine
  • the promoter must be an Inno'vin member
  • the project is collaborative, gathering one or various companies and research/experimentation center(s)
  • the project must be innovative
  • the project must create value : economy, employment, new markets...

Accreditation Process

  1. The promoter meets the Inno'vin's team to evaluate the project potential
  2. The promoter fills an accreditation form, as well as a project sum-up form
  3. The forms are transmitted 15 days before the Accreditation Commitee *.
  4. The promoter presents the project in front of the Accreditation Commitee
  5. The Commitee evaluates and classifies according to the grades A, B, ou C (A = get the Label, B = will be presented again to the next Committee , C = does not get the Label)

* A Committee of experts, members of the Cluster is named by the Administration Board. This Committee is submitted to strict confidentiality agreements.

Inno'vin's Accreditation Policy

The Accreditation Policy describes precisely the entire accreditation process. It defines how works the Committee.


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