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You have an idea, Inno'vin's team is here to help you build your project : you will save time and access more easily to some fundings and good partners. Our expertise in collaborative project management brings added value to your innovations.

Some Inno'vin Project Management Phases :
  1. No matter the type of project, Inno'vin's team listens to you during a first meeting. If we can't help you, some other organization we know probably will.
  2. Inno'vin supports you every step of the way : partnership, project management, expertise, testing...
  3. If the project meet some requirements, it can be presented to the Accreditation Committee
  4. Inno'vin helps you find the right fundings and brings additionnal credibility to obtain them
  5. Inno'vin can communicate about the project at the right moment, subject to the partnership approval

Inno'vin supports every kind of projects, from idea to market :  entrepreneurship, feasibility study, technology transfer.. until the biggest million dollar projects.

To learn more about the projects, take a look at our Book (french only) !




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