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The principle of VENTIGEL is to effectively ventilate an area between 2 and 3 acres with forced air and thus prevent the formation of frost on the plants. It also allows the redistribution of hot air. In the event of extreme cold, it includes an on-board heating system to heat the forced air.
It has the following specificities:
• VENTIGEL can be transported throughout your property, across the rows, in order to be positioned in the ideal location.
• The ventilation is electric, avoiding the presence of expensive and complicated thermic engines in maintenance.
• VENTIGEL can be rotated from 0° to 355° in order to adapt perfectly to the geometry of the plot to be protected.
• It is possible to adjust the orientation angle of the VENTIGEL downwards or upwards (-10°/+10°).
The advantages of VENTIGEL are:
ECONOMIC: The investment is much less expensive than existing ventilation systems. There are no installation costs and electricity consumption is less than ¤2/h.
ECOLOGICAL: Electricity consumption is 12 kWh and the auxiliary heating consumes less than 10l/h of fuel. No more time-consuming candles or polluting straw fires!
EFFICIENT: Efficient for 2 to 3 hectares, mobile as desired, easy to use.
PRACTICAL: Assembly requires just a forklift and less than an hour of work. Compact, it can be stored in your property at the end of the frost period. VENTIGEL requires very little annual maintenance.

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