Research and transfer

logo isvv petitInno’vin is located at the Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin (ISVV), which allows it to be close to the research sector and the member technology transfer units.
Supporting projects makes it possible to establish contacts and create partnerships that can lead to the promotion of research results. The animation of the network makes it possible to organize meetings between researchers and professionals (sometimes from very different sectors), which allows the promotion of new ideas, potentially applicable in the wine and vine sector.

The Technology Transfer unit of ISVV :

logo amaranteprocess petitAmarante Process
Process Engineering

Amarante Process has the skills to support projects in the fields of Oenological Engineering and the Environment and Effluent Treatment. Characterization of new inputs or new equipment, development of decision support tools for process optimization are some examples of the activities carried out by Amarante Process for these industrial partners.

logo microfloraMicroflora
Wine microbiology

MICROFLORA® offers high-tech services for the analysis of wine and grape microorganisms: identification at species level, differentiation of strains of S. cerevisiae, B. bruxellensis, O. oeni or others, phenotypic characterizations, research and quantification of alteration microorganisms by q PCR (B. bruxellensis, S. cerevisiae, B. cinerea, total yeasts, lactic acid bacteria, acetic bacteria, etc.).
MICROFLORA® supports wine growers in setting up and carrying out studies to promote the establishment of flora of interest or to limit flora of alterations.
Thanks to its Support, Audit and Training activities, MICROFLORA® puts its expertise at the service of producers so that they integrate the microbiological aspect into their thinking during winemaking, aging, up to the preparation of wines for packaging.

logo vitinnov petitVitinnov

Protection and management of the vineyard

VITINNOV’s activities cover many actions in research and development, technical services and training, linked to innovations in sustainable viticulture. In partnership with teams of researchers from Bordeaux Sciences Agro, VITINNOV sets up study systems and develops services in its various fields of competence: integrated protection (test of monitoring or protection method), biodiversity (evaluation of the impact of wine-growing practices, of the landscape), evaluation of production systems and management of plants in their environment (ecophysiology, climate, pedology, etc.). VITINNOV’s expertise allows it to design rigorous protocols, adapted to the particularities of each theme or company.

logo polyphenols biotechPolyphénols Biotech

Polyphenol analysis and production services allow R&D teams (from the agro-food, nutrition-health and cosmetics industries which develop products rich in polyphenols) to  :

  • benefit from high quality natural extracts
  • ensure the active content of their products as well as their stability
  • outsource scientific studies aimed at optimizing / demonstrating the natural properties of their ingredients

Polyphenols Biotech has been attached to an expert laboratory in the field of Polyphenols for more than 20 years, which gives it access to experimental protocols and high-performance equipment to carry out your research and development projects.

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