Cluster themes

Inno’vin members are positioned across the entire value chain of the wine industry, from vine to glass.

Inno’vin has identified three major themes, corresponding to the priority issues of the sector. To answer it, we will seek knowledge and technologies in many sectors: renewable energies, laser / optics, traceability, materials, robotics, digital…


> Develop sustainable viticulture

  • effluent treatment
  • reduction of inputs
  • precision viticulture
  • valuation of secondary products of the vineyard and wine-making
  • solutions to fight effects of climate change


> Understand and preserve the peculiarities of AOCs

  • plant material
  • vineyard management
  • sorting of the harvest
  • yeasts and bacteria
  • breeding
  • conditioning


> Adapt to stay competitive

  • wine marketing
  • export
  • consumer knowledge
  • business management

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