Labeling Inno’vin

100% of projects labeled by Inno’vin have been funded ! Inno’vin often labels projects, with the aim of accessing specific funding. Labeling makes the project more credible in the eyes of regional and national funders. However, it is not systematic, because it depends on the nature of the project.

Labeling criteria

A project must meet several criteria to be presented to the labeling committee:

  • the carrier must be a regional company
  • the wearer must be a member of Inno’vin
  • the project is collaborative, associating one or more companies with research laboratories or experimentation centers
  • the project has an innovative dimension
  • the project creates value: economic impact, employment, market development …

Labeling process

Labeling is a process in several stages:

  1. A preliminary interview is conducted with the Inno’vin team to assess the potential of the project.
  2. The project leader completes a labeling sheet and a summary sheet of the project.
  3. This file is sent 15 days before the Labeling Committee *.
  4. The project leader presents his project during the Labeling Committee.
  5. After compilation of the scores, the project is classified A, B, or C (A = labeled, B = can pass to the next committee, C = not labeled)

* A committee of experts who are members of the cluster is appointed by the board of directors. This committee is subject to confidentiality agreements.

Labeling charter

The Labeling Charter precisely describes the entire labeling process of a project. It sets the operating rules of the committee.

> Download the labeling charter

How to have your project labeled?

Contact our project manager directly!

> Send an e-mail

> Download the labeling pack

Your project has just been labeled?

Congratulations !!! This labeling will allow you to move forward more easily in your project, in particular in the search for funding and partners.

In order to promote this labeling, we suggest that you affix the official Inno’vin label on your communication media.

> Download the Inno’vin label

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