Make a project

Make a project supported by Inno’vin will save you time, allow you privileged access to some funding, and a choice of solid partners. Inno’vin’s industry expertise and experience in managing collaborative projects can bring real added value to your project. Here are some steps in supporting projects:

  1. Whatever the nature of the project, the Inno’vin team will listen to you during a first meeting. If the project does not correspond to the skills of the cluster, we will redirect you to the right contacts.
  2. Inno’vin guides you and supports you through each stage of the project: finding partners, setting up the project, calling for experts, testing…
  3. If the project meets the criteria, it can be presented to the Labeling Committee
  4. Inno’vin will direct you to the right funding contacts and bring additional credibility to your project
  5. Inno’vin can communicate about the project at the right time, with the agreement of the partners

Inno’vin supports any type of project, from idea to market: business creation, feasibility study, transfer project … up to the FUI project costing several million euros. > See the projects supported by Inno’vin

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